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Create a new inspection

  • Create new inspection from the Home screen

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New inspection screen

  • Start by Scanning the barcode or typing the name of the inspection. 

  • You can leave the name empty the system will generate a unique name by itself.

Scan barcode iOS.gif
  • Next, type the required details like Produce, Variety, and the process you are up to assess.

  • If it is not your first inspection, you can see all the properties from the last inspection already performed. We assume that most of the time you are in the middle of the same consignment.

  • As soon as you define the process to inspect, the Specific properties in the card will be set with the specific sequence of steps.

  • You can see all the process steps by tapping on the bottom process navigation bar.

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  • Before going to any other step in the flow, fill in the properties of your inspection by typing or integrating to your ERP system by taping the integration icon           
    near the barcode you scanned


  • If you do not want this inspection to be saved, just tap back <- on the left-up corner

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  • Start the inspections by tapping Next or by going to any other step in the flow.



  • Go over each question and select a tick always on a desired state, and a cross sign for a negative outcome, add a photo to demonstrate the damage.

  • Cancel and delete the photo by tapping twice on the same answer.

  • You can take one photo for each answer, on a cross sign the app will remind you to document the damage.

  • Next, go to the Photos screen.

Info Photos

  • Take photos to document the inspection for a protocol. The photos will appear in a final report.

  • You can upload the photo from the device instead of taking a photo from the device.

  • Edit/ Delete the photos in the Gallery on the left of the photo capture 

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