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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re Here to Help.

  • Why can't my phone read ATAGO info?
    Make sure that your phone has an NFC reader and that it is turned on, in both the phone's settings and in ClariFruit's app. Additionally, confirm that your ATAGO device version has NFC support. You can get more info here.
  • What is automatic attribute ?
    We have 3 sources of information in ClariFruit app 1. Automatic from computer vision algorithim (Photo) : Siz,Color,stem color 2. Automatic from connected deivices (like Atago refratometer): BRIX, Firmness, PH 3. Manual from inspector all the rest Inspector can also overide any automtic information in the resultes screen
  • Do I have to use additional devices ?
    No, you can use any device you want and enter the results manually in the ClariFruit app. However, after testing many devices we recommend specific devices for each produce. You'll find them under each produce category here.
  • Can I use the app for more than one fruit/more than free inspections per month ?
    Sure! You can extend your account. Please contact us at
  • Which smartphone/tablets devices does the app support ?
    For Lv2 computer vision , Only iOS device with LIDAR will work 1. IPhone pro 12 and above 2. IPad pro For LV1 most android and IOS devices will work , however we recommend the following : Samsung A71 and up Realme 7 and up Pixel iPhone - from ~2019 or newer. for additional devices please contact support first
  • Can I change the inspection type and rating to match to my company standards ?
    Yes you can configure the inspection and rating to match your exsiting one. For assistance with that, please contact us at
  • Can I use the application without internet connection ?
    Sure, please use the offline mode. You can find more info here
  • Can I use the app outdoors?
    The app was designed to be used indoors. However, you can still use it outdoors, the automatic data accuracy will be lower.
  • My produce is not on the list. What should i do ?
    We are working to extend our list of supported produce. If you like to join our beta program for new produce types, please contact us at

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