Integrated Devices

Choose your measuring device on the app settings screen

Using Atago device with NFC

Make sure you've purchased the

correct PAL-1 Pocket version with

NFC support. More details

Check where is the NFC reader on your phone. In most phones it is located near the back camera.

Touch the ATAGO NFC with your phone's NFC reader

NFC will only work with phones that support it. iPhone 7 and above supports NFC, as do most high-end Android devices

It is recommended to clear all data from the device before using it:

1. Press "START". Without releasing it, press twice on the "ZERO" button

2. The screen will show "Y_n", waiting for confirmation. Press "START" again to confirm

Using Turoni Bluetooth durometer

Make sure you've purchased the

correct Bluetooth non-destructive Fruit Hardness Tester:53215TP. This device only works with Android devices. (iOS devices will be supported soon). More details

Make sure the Turoni durometer is turned on. On the App's settings screen, verify the Turoni is connected.

Turn the smartphone Bluetooth on.
Pair the durometer with your smartphone by choosing the device named HT-6510A.

When measuring Firmness with the Turoni, maximum values (in shore) will show up in the app.


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