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New Process Navigation Bar.

When you initiate an inspection, the process navigation bar will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, featuring forward and backward arrows.

Simply tap the navigation bar to access a comprehensive overview of all the steps within the process flow, allowing seamless navigation.

On the initial inspection screen, selecting different processes will dynamically update the progress bar to reflect the steps for that specific process.

In this inspection screen, you can backtrack by tapping the left arrow in the top left corner, effectively canceling the new inspection process.

Alternatively, you can proceed by tapping the right arrow, on the navigation bar.

This action will create the inspection along with its details, locking in the product, variety, and process type, which cannot be modified later. The newly created inspection will be in the 'New' state.

Use the right arrow to advance to the next step in the process flow or the left arrow to return to the previous step.

Any data collected during the inspection flow will update its status to 'In Progress'.

To conclude the inspection, simply navigate directly to the Results screen via the progress bar. The Results screen always serves as the final step in the progress bar.

On the Results screen, you have the option to edit each step individually. Access specific steps through the edit button in the upper left corner.

You'll also find an option in the upper right corner to complete the inspection, accompanied by the inspection's status below it.

Marking the inspection as 'Completed' will signify that it is ready for approval by the QC manager or automation, and it will become uneditable.

You're now ready to make the most of the progress bar and breeze through your inspections with ease.

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